Tribest Citristar CS 1000 Citrus Juicer Review

A citrus juicer is a different kind of juicer that is only specialized in juicing citrus fruits so if you want your oranges or grapefruit juiced effectively, then this the kind of juicer that you need to have in the kitchen. It ensures that you get your daily dose of vitamins and nutrients easily since it does not require a lot of manual effort so as to collect the juice that you want. It is relatively fast thus saving your time if you are in a hurry.

Latest Customer Reviews

“Still working great after 3 years”
Rating (5 out of 5)
By Ketty Marg on May 2, 2016
I've been using this juicer for about three years and it's still working great. I do not juice oranges often but I often make lemonade and cocktails quite often so I juice limes and lemons a lot. The cord wrap is convenient for storage and the stainless steel works very well and it has not rusted. It is very easy to clean and maintain however it is always better to hand clean compared to using a dishwasher.
“Exactly what I was looking for”
Rating (5 out of 5)
By C. Ekman on April 25, 2016
Easy to use and does exactly what it says it will. I didn’t want a full-on juicer – just a tool for citrus and it is perfect. It is easy to put it on the counter, use, quick to clean up and put away.
“Perfect for citrus fruits lovers”
Rating (5 out of 5)
By Daria Milkovich on April 20, 2016
I live in Greece and have a couple of citrus trees, so I juice a lot and drink at least 2 glasses of orange and mandarin juice per day. It is very powerful and it doesn't spill. The juice caps fit in well together, and there's one big and one small for different fruits.

Our Review

The Tribest CitriStar juicer is very effective and efficient and this is why it is highly ranked and loved by so many people.

There is an extra juicing screen which allows you to adjust pulp level. If you’ll do the extra work of pre-cutting the product in the right size, preferably length-wise, it will self feed, so you won’t put any additional effort when juicing.

  • Stainless steel spout ensures that there is no clogging when you are extracting juice which means that you can continuously extract the juice without having to stop to unclog it.
  • It is very quiet juicer and you can hardly hear it when it is extracting juice since this ensures that you are not disturbed by any annoying noises.
  • It has a powerful 50 Watt motor that ensures that the fruit pulp is fully extracted of any juice that it may have.
  • Easy to clean since the parts are easy to detach and can also be cleaned in a dishwasher.

When purchasing a citrus juicer you need to pay attention to different things or aspects since their functions are a lot of different from the other kinds of juicers that you may have. A citrus juicer is made in such a way that it specializes in extracting juice from citrus fruits such as lemons, limes and oranges which have very juicy pulps. Most people do not know what they should be looking for when they are purchasing a good juicer and this is why this article was written to be able to guide you through the features and specifications that you need to pay attention to.

We have also written some of the top and most helpful reviews that will give you direct information from the people who have had to use the juicer firsthand. Also included is a list of advantages and disadvantages that the juicer has so that you know whether it is worth the money or not.

The CitriStar is a powerful juicer in its class since it has a powerful 50 watt motor for the highest extraction of juices while still being very quiet since you can hardly hear any sound being produced when you are juicing. The stainless steel strainer ensures that you can easily strain out the juice while also ensuring that there will be no clogging. It offers two types of juice strainers one is for larger fruits such as oranges and grapefruit while the other one is for smaller fruits such as lemons and limes. It is very easy to use since all you need to do is simply press down and the juice is strained out; the parts come off easily for easy cleaning of each and every part.

Ease of Use

The juicer is very easy to use since it does not need you to manually squeeze out the juice, all you need to do is press down the fruit in the juicer and it will strain out the every single drop of juice. It has an adjustable cord that allows you to extend it or shorten it which also helps in ensuring that it does not get destroyed in any way.

Clean Up

Cleaning this juicer will only take you a few minutes since you can easily detach the parts so as to give you better access to each and every part. You can either hand wash it or use a dishwasher and it will still be cleaned thoroughly.

Juice Quality

Through the high-speed extractor you get high-quality juice without any impurities whatsoever and the strainer ensures that there are no unwanted particles that may get into the juice.

Juice Yielded

The juicer extracts the most amount of juice for any citric fruit through the high speed extractor. The juice is then directed to a separate container without allowing any spills which are common with most other juicers.


It has a very powerful 50-Watt motor that works to ensure that you get as much juice is you can from the fruits that you feed into it while the power is supplied by electricity.


One of the best benefits of this juicer is that it is very quiet thus it will not cause any distractions through loud noises.

Pros and Cons

  • It has a powerful 50-watt motor that ensures maximum extraction of the fruits.
  • The stainless steel strainer prevents rusting and clogging that may hinder the juicing process.
  • It has one touch operations thus you do not use a lot of effort in juicing
  • It is very quiet when extracting the juice.
  • It does not get properly cleaned if you use a dishwasher.
  • The attachments may break easily since they are plastic.

Features and Specifications

When you receive your juicer you get the strainer and two attachments one that is larger than the other. It also has a stainless steel screen to prevent any rusting since it is passed through a lot of fluids. The juicer uses electricity to power the 50 Watt motor. It comes with a one year warranty that protects you in case of any problems.

  • 1. Powerful 50-Watt motor for high extraction results
  • 2. Quiet Operation
  • 3. Enhanced Durability
  • 4. Locking Mechanism
  • 5. Universal Ream allows maximum extraction
  • 6. Does not clog
  • 7. Easy to Clean

Tribest Citristar CS 1000 Citrus Juicer Review: Summary

If you need an affordable juicer that you can use to get healthy and nutritious juices, then this is the kind of juicer you need. It is very easy to use and clean – which is one of the most difficult challenges that most juicers have. So if you are a fan of freshly squeezed juices and lemonades but you do not like the squeezing part, this juicer will handle it for you effectively.

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