Tips for playing the Sic Bo Casino games for fun

If you are a new player playing the Sic Bo games, there are many things you should learn regarding this. The first thing you have to understand is the odds. In sic bo free play for fun, you get the chance to place the bets on the twelve and the nine areas. For this, you have the information on the small and the large bets.

Once you learn the odds of the casino games and how to manage the bankroll, you can play the casino games intelligently and maximize your earnings.

Small and the big bets

  • It has been determined that the Savy players usually avoid placing bets on the high payouts.
  • In order to increase your earnings in the Sic Bo games, then you should avoid making alternative bets.
  • A small bet in the sic bo free play for fun allows the player to pay out one-to-one. When you place the small bets, you are betting that the number of the dice ranges between four and ten.
  • You can get the chance to bet on any of the two chosen numbers.
  • So it is suggested to always keep in your mind that it is the game of your luck, not the skill.
  • Hence, the best tips can help you to restrict your losses while aiming at a specific profit.

Betting 9 and 12

  • The difference between the betting on the 9 or 12 is the size of the payout. When you are betting on 9, then you get the six-to-one payout.
  • On the other hand, if you place the bets on 12, then it will give you the payout of 12 to 1
  • This is considered the medium risk bet. You also have the chance to place double bets.
  • If you place the bets on both numbers, then you get the same amount as the amount of placing a bet on the singles.
  • Generally, it is never suggested to play bet on the doubles on sic bo free play for fun because it does not give you the guarantee for any payout.

Mixing of bets

There are many tips that you should follow to make real money from playing the Sic Bo games. One of the tips is to mix the bets. This is an important tip while playing the sic bo because the different bets have different requirements and payouts.

Here, you have to know the time when you have to leave the table. In sic bo free play for fun, the bigger payouts come from the triple hit and produce the game profits. By learning the way well, and how to use the betting tip, you are able to make bigger payouts. A common tip is to make double your bet when you feel that you are dropping or losing back to the unit.

Balanced Sic Bo tips

If you are new to the Sic Bo games,, then you have to know the best way to play the game. It is a game that consists of the betting outcomes on the different combinations of the dice.