Samson Welles Hydraulic Press Juicer

It extracts juice containing quality nutrients from vegetables and fruits by pressing (squeezing) pulp. It is one of the most affordable hydraulic press juicers.
Manual juicer thus gives you utmost control
It is powder coated to help it last for longer without wearing out.
2-ton hydraulic pressure
ABS plastic, press plate and food grade drip tray

Latest Customer Reviews

“GREAT VALUE. Nice little cooker”
Rating (5 out of 5)
By RoBee on May 4, 2016
I bought this juicer for my husband. It is very affordable compared to other hydraulic juicers.
“GREAT VALUE. Nice juice machine”
Rating (4.6 out of 5)
By RoBee on January 4, 2010
It is very easy to clean using clean water and drying it out.

Our Review

Samson Welles Hydraulic Press Juicer – it is one of the most affordable hydraulic press juicers.

This is also known as the people’s juicer and it is loved by many people who prefer hydraulic press juicers compared to the other types. This is why this brand is better than all the rest:

  • Affordability. Unlike other hydraulic juicers, the Samson Welles juicer is very affordable since it only costs about $400 thus the name the people’s juicer.
  • It is a manual press juicer thus giving you the full experience in the juicing process which most people like compared to the automatic which creates a huge mess.
  • It is easy to clean since all you need to do is rinse the parts using water and they will be fine.

Hydraulic press juicers are often ignored by natural juice lovers who do not know that these are one of the best juicers in the industry, as they do not use gears like the other conventional juicers, but they may surprise you if you give them a chance to. They are especially efficient when you use them to juice soft fruits and vegetables since it is able to fully extract the pulp and completely drain it all out leaving you with healthy juice that is full of nutrients. Hydraulic press juicers may not be conventional but they get the job done.

A hydraulic press juicer uses pressure that is exerted on the pulp allowing it to release its nutrients filled juice. It involves two processes and the first one is the cutting and size reduction of the fruit and vegetables so that it can be fed into the juicer for the next step which is the juicing part where a lot of pressure is put on the pulp that allows it to be juiced out and you get your final product.

Hydraulic press juicers are such amazing machines since they help you get good and healthy juicy under high pressure which means that you need not worry about oxidation of the fruits since it can’t happen under these conditions. This article will highlight the very best hydraulic press juicer and why it is better than all the rest which should help you in making a wise decision when you decide to buy this type of juicer.

The Benefits of Hydraulic Press Juicers

These are juicers that are unlike anything else in the industry. They are the very best juicers for all those people who want the real and pure goodness that can be found from properly pressing fruits and vegetables. It extracts juice under high pressure from pulp which could otherwise be thrown away and ensures that it gets all the juice out before getting rid of it.

The juice is forced out of the fiber through 2 tons pressure that is so intense even the tiniest amount of liquid juices out. Compared to other juicers that simply get the juice out of the pulp, hydraulic press juicers do this and much more, as the high pressure helps in ensuring that the juice will not be oxidized which is common in the other juicers. Oxidation of the juice rids it of some of the nutrients that one would be looking for in an organic pressed juice. This machine is perfect for people who want the raw nutrients as they have not been oxidized, thus, it is perfect for those people who are trying to start living healthy or those with different nutrient deficiencies.

How Do Hydraulic Press Juicers Work?

Basically, a hydraulic press juicer uses pressure that is exerted on to the pulp to extract juice from it. It involves a two-part process in which the first one involves cutting and reducing the fibers of the fruits and vegetables. This is important so that the juicing process can be made easier since pressure can be easily exerted on small particles compared to larger ones. The second part involves the actual juicing where so much pressure is exerted on the pulp that the fibers become loose which results into releasing of healthy and nutrient filled juice.

The pressure that is exerted on the pulp is said to be able to release more nutrients that contribute greatly in getting healthy juice from the fruit pulp. The manual operation of the juicer ensures that you are able to control the juicing process in terms of speed and how much you can get from a single pulp. Due to the slow motion of the juicing process, you are guaranteed to get the most nutrients out of any fruit or vegetable that you want to use.

Samson Welles Hydraulic Press Juicer

Compared to its competitor – Norwalk – the Samson Welles juicer produces better quality juicers from any kind of fruit or vegetable that you feed to it. One of the best benefits that you can get from this juicer is the fact that you get high levels of nutrients juice that are produced by a much more economical juicer. This is via ensuring that the pulp is completely exhausted which means that you will not have to waste any fruit or vegetable, also buying of the appliance is much cheaper than the competitors’, which are usually very expensive for people who want to have a good hydraulic juicer at a relatively fair price.

This juicer works by using pressure that is exerted on the pulp to force out any juices thus leaving the pulp as dry as possible. It is made of stainless steel parts which ensure that sanitation is well observed and that it does not rust due to the moisture that comes about from the process of juicing that will ultimately make the juicer ineffective.

The juicer ensures that when you are pressing out the juice from the pulp, oxidation does not take place which may water down the nutrient value of your juice thus you will be unable to get the most out of it.

The Samson Welles juicer is easy to clean by simply rinsing using clean water since it has a simple structure that does not keep any more waste and remainings that may make the juice impure or lead to food poisoning. The fact that it is a manual juicer means that it does not make a lot of mess which could prove more difficult to take care of. The following are the pros and cons of the juicer.

Pros and Cons of Hydraulic Press Juicers

Dry Pulp.
Effectively drains out juice form the pulp till it is completely dry thus you do not have to waste juicy pulp due to the inability to squeeze it out.
High Pressure.
The High Pressure makes it easy to separate the fibers which allows for maximum juicing of the fruits and vegetables.
Does not allow oxidation.
Does not allow oxidation process during juicing which may reduce the nutritional value of the end product.
Manual juicer.
It is manual thus you are able to control the speed of juicing so that you can get the best out of the pulp.
Easy to Clean.
It does not make a lot of mess, unlike the automatic juicers which makes it a lot easier for one to simply clean it using water.
Easy to Clean.
It does not make a lot of mess, unlike the automatic juicers which makes it a lot easier for one to simply clean it using water.
Stainless Steel.
Made of stainless steel thus, it is rust proof.
Have favorable warranty in case of any kind of functional problems.
It may be exhausting for one to juice out the pulp manually as compared to simply turning on a switch and having everything else taken care of.
There may be leaking due to the high pressure that is exerted on the pulp to release the juice.
They cannot produce a lot of juice from a number of fruits at once since they are manual and thus slow.

Hydraulic press juicers may be just the thing you need to ensure that you get your daily dose of rich in nutrients juice that is pure and organic. They have numerous benefits that you will not get from the other kinds of automatic juicers especially the fact that they do not allow oxidation of the juice during the actual process of extracting it. This is the kind of juicer that you need if you believe in the old fashioned way of getting healthy nutrients the natural way.

Although it also has its disadvantages, it does not mean that it is not effective in the work that it does, it simply proves that it is a machine and that it cannot be perfect. However, in this case, the advantages of the hydraulic juicers far outweigh the downsides which makes it the must have juicer for all those who like organic juices for healthy living. You can get these products on our website at very affordable prices so that you may be able to start your healthy living journey by using good quality hydraulic juicers.

Features and Specifications

  • 1. Includes 2 juicing cloths
  • 2. Powder-coated for extreme durability
  • 3. 2-ton hydraulic pressure
  • 4. Stabilizing and carrying handle
  • 5. ABS plastic, press plate and food grade drip tray

Samson Welles Hydraulic Press Juicer Review: Summary

If you’re looking for a great hydraulic press juicer, the Samson Welles can be a valuable addition to your kitchen. It’s manual, thus the risk of malfunction is quite low, and it’s always extremely efficient, squeezing out every drop of juice from fruits and vegetables.

Now that you’ve read all the benefits of this product, as well as its downsides, you’re ready to buy a hydraulic press juicer!

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