Omega NC900HDC 6th Generation Nutrition Center Electric Juicer Review

The NC900HDC may have a design similar to the J series, but it looks more elegant and sturdy with a dome shaped bottom surface. It is as efficient at juicing as it is stylish in design. It can squeeze even the hardest of fruits and vegetables quite easily, without affecting their nutritional value.

Latest Customer Reviews

“Major difference”
Rating (5 out of 5)
By Frieda Davidovich on May 3, 2016
I recently shifted from my J8006 to the NC900HDC. The difference between the two could be felt right from the start. One major beneficial change was the enlarging of the feed chute. Less work and more juice! It used to be really hard work chopping the fruits into small pieces. Now, I only need to cut it into half.
“Slower but better”
Rating (5 out of 5)
By Johann Scars on April 27, 2016
It is a surprising change from my centrifugal juicer to a masticating one. Agreed, it takes around half an hour to cook up the juice, whereas in the centrifugal one it took just about 10 minutes. But the quality of the juice produced by the NC900HDC is phenomenal. It is most certainly worth the wait.
“Love my pasta”
Rating (5 out of 5)
By Valeria Young on April 20, 2016
I must say the NC900HDC is ideal for making pasta. It can readily cut through the veggies. It does take time, but it is much better than the manual way of doing things. You would be surprised at the ease with which it cuts through garlic and onions. It is more than just an ordinary juicer. It is a revolutionary technological marvel!

Our Review

This is one of the few masticating juicers that are worth every second spent in juicing. It has a slow 80 RPM rotation speed which will carefully cut anything that you throw into it. The unique cave-like bottom surface is not just to increase its appeal, but because it carries a smaller motor than the J series, thus reducing the noise produced to a greater extent. The smaller motor has also induced certain efficiency enhancements. For instance, more juice can now be squeezed out of wheatgrass or nuts than that produced by the J series. Unlike centrifugal juicers, the pulp and the juice are extracted separately barely leaving anything for you to clean up after the procedure is complete.

Ease of Use

The NC900HDC is quite easy to use in comparison to its competition. Owing to a larger chute, you don’t need to chop the fruits and vegetables into small pieces. Just a single cut from the center would do the trick. It can cut through the harder veggies without much effort. Extracting maximum juice from wheatgrass and nuts will not be a problem for this juicer. It is ideal for preparing nutrient rich baby food since it ensures the maximum retention of nutrients.

Clean Up

The process of cleaning up is quite good as far as masticating juicers go. It extracts the maximum amount of juice from the fruit or the veggie, leaving a thoroughly drier pulp residue. The residue doesn’t come of the same chute, but can be effectively removed from another opening. There is hardly anything to be cleaned in that opening due to the dryness of the pulp. However, I found that apples don’t really work well with this juicer. After extraction of the juice, I needed to clean the insides several times for the sticky substance left behind before starting with the next round.

Juice Quality

Unlike a centrifugal juicer that churns the ingredients during juice extraction, the NC900HDC masticating juicer literally squeezes the juice out of them, thus ensuring that all the nutrients are preserved along with the taste and quality. I did not find any foam formation on the surface even after several uses.

Juice Yielded

Again, due to its squeezing, maximum amount of juice is extracted from the fruit or vegetable. The pulp is so dry that it does not leave any sticky residue at the opening chute. You do not need to go through a second round of juicing. I tried it out and I did not get a single drop of juice out of the already used pulp.


Masticating juicers are generally not the most powerful juicers in the world. They usually have a low speed rotator in the range of 70 to 90 RPM. The NC900HDC houses a motor that has a speed of 80 RPM which is quite good for a masticating juicer.


Compared to other masticating juicers, the NC900HDC is probably the least noisy juicer in the industry. It is equipped with fewer moving parts than other juicers, thus lessening the noise while it is running. The smaller motor also gives out less noise.

Pros and Cons

Less Amount of Time.
Compared to other masticating juicers, it takes a few minutes lesser to give out the right amount of juice.
Larger chute.
You don’t need to cut the fruits and veggies into smaller pieces. A single cut would be enough. Sometimes, you can dump the entire fruit inside it.
Extraordinary quality.
After extraction, you will find a pulp exceptionally dry, thus ensuring that the juice has been thoroughly squeezed out of it. Since it actually squeezes the juice, all the nutrients present in the original fruit or veggie are retained in the resultant juice.
High pulp content.
Since the juicer squeezes out the juice of the pulp so efficiently, there is bound to be some pulp content in the resultant juice. So if you don’t much like the pulp in your juice, avoid purchasing this juicer.
Apparent Apple Revulsion.
Apples are the only fruits that are not effectively squeezed out by this juicer. You will certainly get juice out of it, but sometimes it won’t give you a good yield. It also often leaves a sticky substance in and around the opening chute. Thus, cleaning the juicer after apple juice extraction can be quite a task.

Features and Specifications

  • 1. Comparatively bigger feed chute
  • 2. A smaller motor rotating at 80 RPM
  • 3. Dual Stage masticating extraction
  • 4. 5 adjustable settings for maximum juice output
  • 5. Compact design appealing to the eye

Omega NC900HDC 6th Generation Nutrition Center Electric Juicer Review: Summary

Juicing enthusiasts who love the efficiency and the taste of the juice produced by the vast complicated machines at huge companies, but prefer a smaller, compact and equally efficient machine at home, the NC900HDC would be the ideal choice. The yield produced is as good as any other masticating juicer, and better than some. The five adjustable settings will ensure that you get the maximum efficiency for any kind of ingredients dumped in through the chute. A 2HP motor with an 80 RPM operational speed will squeeze out every single drop of the juice, leaving a clearly dry pulp residue which is ejected out of a separate opening. Given the outstanding features of the juicer, the price tag is quite reasonable. You are now ready to buy this product! Click here to purchase at a discounted price!

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