Breville BCP600SIL Motorized Citrus Press Juicer Review

Multitask as you prepare your juice. You can now squeeze out all the goodness out of any fruit with just one hand, regardless of the size of the fruit. You don’t need to worry about drips either. This model comes with a unique ‘No Drip’ juice spout to tackle all your dripping woes.

Latest Customer Reviews

“I prepare my juice with remarkable ease!”
Rating (5 out of 5)
By Laura Byrne on May 3, 2016
I’ve never come across a juicer so compact yet so easy to use. I don’t even need to take any extra pains for squeezing the fruit down to the very last drop. I can now prepare my favorite juice without missing a single match point on TV.
“Wonderful product”
Rating (4.5 out of 5)
By Jamie Higgins on May 1, 2016
Breville’s BCP600SIL juicer has completely changed my perception toward juicing. I drink a glass of orange juice every single day. I used to get my juice prepared by the maid, but after trying out the Breville’s juicer, I can’t help but enjoy preparing it myself. Preparing juices has never been so entertaining.
“Easy to use and very FAST”
Rating (4.8 out of 5)
By Daisy Arkhipova on April 29, 2016
There were days when it used to take more than half an hour for preparing a glass of juice. With the inception of juicers, the preparation time got reduced to 10 minutes. With the development of the more sophisticated BCP600SIL juicer, I can get the task done within just about 5 minutes!

Our Review

Juicing has always been a cumbersome process for many people. Most of them simply love to sip on its sweetness but absolutely despise preparing that stuff in the first place. Admittedly, the juicers developed so far have been quite bulky. They also had a complex structure which simply could not be operated without the help of a working manual. However, the Breville BCP600SIL is so compact and easy to use that you will hardly find it a task to deal with. It has a very classy design and comes in a sleek metallic grey colour. You do not need to try hard for getting the maximum juice out of a fruit. A single round of squeezing will be enough!

Ease of Use

Weighing just about 7 pounds, Breville BCP600SIL is easy to carry on your leisure trips. You do not need to change cones for different fruits. Regardless of the size of the fruit, you can extract enough juice through the same cone. The finned fruit dome and cone renders superior grip, enabling you to squeeze more juice with the minimum possible stress.

Clean Up

The Breville BCP600SIL is the easiest juicer to clean. It is made up of dishwasher safe parts that do not hinder the mechanical process of dishwashing. You can dump the cone, the collector, the filter, and the fruit dome into the dishwasher without a care in the world. Additionally, you do not need to remove these parts separately; they can all be removed simultaneously. Furthermore, the ‘No Drip’ juice spout averts the juice from dripping out after completion of the process.

Juice Quality

Research suggests that overexposure to bisphenol A (BPA), and organic synthetic compound, can lead to several health problems in children. The BCP600SIL is BPA free, thus ensuring the health and well-being of your kids. Additionally, the holes in the filter are so finely cut that no significant solid parts of the fruit can seep through. You can happily enjoy the juice without worrying about the unwanted seeds.

Juice Yielded

The amount of juice yielded in a single round of extraction is certainly more than any other juicer of similar dimensions. You can single handedly press the dome and get maximum juice with the least effort. The finned dome and cone increase the juice production still more, simultaneously providing a better grip as well.


All the hard work is done by the ultra powerful motor. You only need to apply a little bit of pressure at the top. The motor is quite potent given the size of the juicer. It will cut and slash through the solid parts of the fruits like a fish cutting slicing through water. The machine is also equipped with a safety locking system to ensure that kids don’t hurt their fingers.


Powerful motors are usually known to make a lot of noise. However, the motor of BCP600SIL is so silent that you will not hear it running, even if you press your ears close to the surface.

Pros and Cons

Handling Ease.
The juicer is compact and sophisticated. It weighs just around 7 pounds. The electric cord can be conveniently wrapped around the juicer to make it fit inside any size of bag.
Ease of Usage.
The finned top of the juicer makes it easy to grip it. Maximum juice can be squeezed with the least pressure applied.
No Drip Technology.
The ‘No Drip’ juice spout ensures that the ready juice doesn’t drip out of the machine after use. You only need to flip it up in order to avoid drips.
Dishwasher Immunity.
The juicing cone, collector, filter, and dome are safe from the damaging aspects of the dishwasher. You can easily pull them out and dump them in the dishwasher to clean.

The Breville BCP600SIL juicer does not come with any particular disadvantages. However, the overall size of the juicer can be increased in order to accommodate more varieties of fruits. Thus, the power of the motor can also be improved with the size, rendering better quality juice. The pulp is also a little bit thicker than expected. Overall, the juicer is as near to perfect as possible, given its size and price.

Features and Specifications

  • 1. Light-weight plastic material
  • 2. Effortless operation
  • 3. ‘No Drip’ juice spout
  • 4. BPA free parts
  • 5. Dishwasher safe parts
  • 6. Noiseless motor

Breville BCP600SIL Motorized Citrus Press Juicer Review: Summary

If you are addicted to juices and prone to travel around the world, you can never find a more compact and high-quality juicer than the BCP600SIL. It can fit into any bag without occupying much space. It also comes with a wrap around cord. Don’t judge the juicer by its plastic exterior. The plastic makes it lightweight and easy to carry around but does not mar its sturdiness.

It may not be as powerful as a centrifugal juicer, but it certainly makes the cut for effective juicing. As our review suggests, the cons of the juicer are negligible in comparison with its pros. Prepare your favorite juice within no time at the click of a button, and sit back and enjoy its taste for long hours. So, don’t hesitate one bit before purchasing this distinctly excellent juicer. You are now ready to buy this technological marvel at a discounted price!

The inbuilt Nutri Disc ensures that the juice doesn’t lose any of its original nutritional value after extraction. Cleaning will also not take much of your time with its easily separable dishwasher safe parts. Its construction may not be at par with the other high-end and overly expensive juicers, but its plastic is durable and sturdy. The body of the juicer does vibrate while running, but it is known to have lasted for several good years. What’s more, it comes with a 1-year warranty!

Lay your hands on this absurdly affordable juicer at a still more affordable price. Armed with all this information, you are now ready to buy!

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