Best Twin Gear Juicer Reviews

The Tribest Green Star Elite GSE-5000 Jumbo Twin Gear Cold Press Juice Extractor is a brand new edition of the Tribest family. It is equipped with a 3-stage pressing process that will make your juicing experience smooth and enjoyable.
High yield.
High-quality build.
Very easy to use.

What is a Triturating Juicer?

Most of the people have second thoughts when buying a twin gear juicer. This confusion is normal since there are so many different types of juicers with diverse types of designs, brands, and prices. In fact, people who want to use a juicer for the first time will face this problem most because they do not know where to start.

Consequently, if you are going through this kind of problem, you can opt for buying a twin gear juicer without worrying about it. Most of the models are one-of-a-kind with extraordinary design and engineering. In a way, you will be getting the best unit in the form of triturating juicers.

With that said, in this post we are going to share insightful information about the best twin gear juicers. Besides, we will also explain how a commercial twin gear juicer works and why people should buy it in the first place. So, let’s move forward and read out the guide carefully!

Benefits of Triturating Juicers

The triturating juicers offer many benefits to the user. Usually, these types of juicers are similar to twin gear masticating juicer. It does not matter if you put in vegetables or fruits; the juicers will slowly crush them between two gears.

In fact, industry experts believe that the slow motion of the gears is capable of splitting the juice from the pulp more effectively. As a result, you will get more nutrition and the juicer will leave behind a drier pulp. Having said, here are the most exciting benefits of using the triturating juicer.

  • These juicers are renowned for producing high-quality juice with full of nutrients
  • They are able to make little to no oxidation of the juice for low speeds.
  • You can juice leafy greens and juicy vegetables without any problem.

Keep in mind that the dual auger juicer can process and produce at a low speed of 82-110 RPM. As a result, you will be able to preserve nutrient quality more efficiently. Besides, you can easily store your juice for up to 72 hours.

Top 5 Rated Twin Gear Juicers Reviews

When buying a juicer, you should always consider some important aspects. These aspects are as follows:

  • Your juicer must be fast and easy-to-use.
  • It must also be easy-to-clean.
  • The price of the juicer must be appropriate.
  • It should be great at extracting juice.
  • The juicer you are buying must be reliable and beautifully designed.

As you now know what aspects you need to consider while buying a twin gear juicer, you should now look at the top five juicers that stand out among the rest. Remember that all these juicers come with excellent features with advanced functionalities. So, let’s have a quick look at them.

Tribest GSE-5000 Green Star Elite Triturating Juicer

  • Ease of Use - 5/5 (Some harder vegetables and fruits may need some extra work to push down the chute with the plunger.)
  • Juice Quality - 5/5 (This is the best vegetable juicer we've tested so far. No oxidation and allows cold storage for up to 3 days.)
  • Clean Up - 3.5/5 (The fine mesh screen takes some work to clean.)
  • Juice Yielded - 5/5 (The dual gear technology works incredibly good, and extracts a lot of juice from a variety of vegetables and fruits, especially leafy greens.)

When purchasing a juicer, just like any other appliance that you may need, you usually go through a long process of research and reviewing so that you can end up with a good product that will serve you for a long time to come. Juicers are very useful appliances for those people who like their glass of healthy nutrients daily or once in a while depending on your preference. They are versatile and can be used for a number of uses such as food processing thus making them an important tool to have in your kitchen.

Super Angel DELUXE Model with Soft Fruit Extracting Housing (Replaces AJ5500)

  • Ease of Use - 4/5 (The juicer is equipped with a self-controlling motor thermal sensor and it comes with a new design control board for ease of use.)
  • Juice Quality - 5/5 (There is also an automatic cooling system for overheated situation within the juicer, so the quality is amazing.)
  • Clean Up - 4/5 (This juicer comes with an anti-jamming system with a self-adjusting speed control for an overloading situation, and the clean-up is really fast.)
  • Juice Yielded - 4/5 (Whenever the juicer is jammed, you can smoothly do work with the automatic reverse function, yielding extra juice.)

The Super Angel DELUXE Model with Soft Fruit Extracting Housing - Replaces AJ5500 is renowned for high-quality service. It comes with a .304 stainless steel construction. Most of the users will be happy to know that it offers an easy operation with reliable and durable service. Besides, the juicer can juice almost anything including herbs, vegetables, fruits, wheatgrass, sprouts, and leafy greens.

Samson Green Power KPE-1304 Twin Gear Juicer

  • Ease of Use - 5/5 (It will create less noise as the juicer operates at only 60 decibels. You can also make nut butter, coffee grounds, sorbets, and grains as well.)
  • Juice Quality - 4/5 (With this juicer, you can easily make leafy greens, wheatgrass, fruits, and vegetables. The juicer is equipped with a magnetized one-liter jug, which brings comfortable storing of juice.)
  • Clean Up - 5/5 (Cleaning is very easy. You need only 3 minutes, no hassle at all.)
  • Juice Yielded - 5/5 (This juicer utilizes the counter-rotating stainless steel gears for crushing and extracting juice. These gears will rotate 160 RPM, which makes it a different juicer for juicing.)

The Samson Green Power KPE-1304 Commercial Twin Gear Juicer is equipped with a magnetized and bio-ceramic juicing jug. This jug will maintain the juice accurately so that there is no loss of nutrition or oxidation. The juicer is easy-to-use with a cleaning time of just three minutes. It is made of recyclable materials and comes with two end caps and one cleaning brush. Using this juicer, you can juice or make almost anything including – ice cream, jams, and baby food.

Tribest Green Star GS-3000 Deluxe Twin Gear Juice Extractor

  • Ease of Use - 5/5 (Using this juicer, you can easily make but butter, baby foods, pasta, and sorbets. It's fast and easy to use.)
  • Juice Quality - 5/5 (The juicer utilizes two stainless steel counter rotating gears for crushing the ingredients, thus quality is amazing.)
  • Clean Up - 5/5 (No comment.)
  • Juice Yielded - 3/5 (While juicing vegetables, fruits, and leafy greens, you will receive great yield from this juicer.)

The Tribest Green Star GS-3000 Deluxe Twin Gear Juice Extractor will provide you with excellent yield while juicing vegetables, fruits, and leafy greens. The reason for this is that it is equipped with a customizable outlet knob, which will allow you to adjust backpressure. Every model includes high-quality features for a smooth juicing and food processing experience. These features include quiet and low-speed operation with twin gear impeller press system for operating at a minimal noise, heat, and friction. Besides, there is also a facility for preserving the most fragile nutrients. In truth, this is a great commercial twin-gear juicer on the market.

Omega TWN30S Twin Gear Juicer

  • Ease of Use - 5/5 (The juicer can process almost all types of ingredients including citrus fruits, soft fruits, and leafy greens efficiently, being easy to use)
  • Juice Quality - 4/5 (This twin-gear juicer operates at a slow RPM of 160, which minimizes oxidation. With this juicer, you can store juice up to 72 hours.)
  • Clean Up - 4/5 (Takes some time to clean.)
  • Juice Yielded - 5/5 (Good yield.)

Omega is a highly reputable masticating juicer brand, and Omega TWN30S is a great addition to their product offering. It works just as a masticating juicer, but it has two gears instead of one. It doesn't pack the same power and features as the Omega 8006 Nutrition Center, so let's see why this can be a huge investment for you.

Pros and Cons

Preserve Nutrients.
The triturating juicers can produce the best kind of juice with low-speed and dual gears. Both of these features help them to utilize the nutritional potential of the ingredients.
Affordable on long term.
You will able to produce most juice out of a dual auger juicer. So, it will be money well spent.
Produce Versatility.
These juicers are capable of handling virtually anything including – wheat grass, sprouts, fruit, vegetables, and any other juicing items.
Incredible Yield.
The triturating juicers can be suitable for making baby food, frozen desserts, nut butter, extrude milk from soy or nut mixtures, and extrude pasta. In fact, they will provide you with the best results as you will also be able to chop vegetables or grind coffee just like a twin gear masticating juicer.
The triturating juicers are a bit slower than the centrifugal type juicers.
Expensive on short term.
They are one of the most expensive types of juicers.

How do Triturating Juicers Work?

It needs a lower speed (80-110 RPM) for a twin-gear juice extractor to run comparing to the centrifugal juicers or the single gear masticating juicers. It prevents air from being trapped into the juicer. As a result, it maintains the minimum level of oxidation of nutrients.

It is a bit slow process for making juice, but it can increase the storage level of the juice. It also maintains health benefits and freshness. Lower RPM leads to the production of less heat and thus, the nutrients remain unaffected. The juice can be stored for 48 up to 72 hours in the refrigerator. It remains fresh and loses only a few vitamins and other nutrients.

The twin gear juice extractors are costlier than the centrifugal juicers or single gear models because of using high-quality materials and other technical features. Besides, they are more advantageous than other juicers as they can maintain greater nutrition value of the juice. Overall, twin-gear juicers take care of your health by ensuring maximum quality and freshness.

What Should You Look for When Purchasing a Triturating Juicer?

Ease of use

A juicer having few parts is easy to use, but it can perform only a couple of functions. More parts mean more functionality. For example, a multi-tasking masticating juicer can also perform the task of pasta making and butter churning. The construction of such juicer may be a little complex, but it can help you with verities of tasks. So, choose the juicer according to your needs. If you want a juicer only to make fruit juice, simple ones will be perfect for you.

A triturating juicer with some specific features is very convenient to use. For example, if a juicer has a large feeding tube, it will allow large chunks, and as a result, you do not have to take the pain of chopping the fruit into small pieces. Large disposal spouts are also beneficial, as they are not clogged up quickly. They are spacious enough to carry a large volume of juice in the spouts.

Nobody has time to delay for something. So, everyone's first choice will be a high-speed juicer so that they can prepare the juice in a short time. However, make sure you are maintaining the right nutrition value along with the speed! A slow speed juicer produces healthier juices in large quantity at a time.


A first-timer may not prefer to buy the costly juicers, as they do not know how to operate it properly. Remember, the cost of a juicer does not fully depend on the juicer but the overall juicing process. For example, the centrifugal juicers are less efficient than the masticating or triturating juicers because they make much wastage and reduce the nutrition value. So, it yields wastage of your products, time, and money due to operating in a lower efficiency juicing mechanism. The expensive juicers, though demands some maintenance, are way better than centrifugal our single gear juicers!

Noise Level

‘Noise’ is a great thing to consider. Nobody likes noisy and disturbing juicing experience in the very morning. It is annoying for the newborn babies, adults, as well as for the next-door neighbours. You must buy a juicer that works silently yet perfectly!

For your kind information, the cheap centrifugal juicers make the loudest noise whereas the slow moving masticating or twin-hear juicers can work properly in maintaining a calm ambiance.


The size of your juicer should be such that it fulfills the demand for your family. Also, consider the storage space at your kitchen because there is no point of buying a big size juicer if there is no space for it. You should not either pick a size that cannot contain your expected volume of the juice. So, be conscious and choose the right model for a disturbance free juicing experience.

The price will dictate quality, of course, but you don't need a powerful monster machine for a family of two. Again, think wisely.


If your juicer comes with a warranty, it means the company is dedicated to solving any upcoming or existing problems unattended at the outset. A product without warranty is produced by cheaper and unknown brands. So, the risk remains!

Do not consider the price and focus on the quality of a product. Go for the pricy yet exclusive brands that give a lifetime warranty. However, you can buy the cheap ones only when you are a newbie, and you know nothing about juice making.


Consider the power of a double auger juicer if you want to make juice of highly fibrous leaves such as wheatgrass or spinach. 400 watts of power is enough to turn the tough vegetable into smooth juice. Most of these powerful juicers are costly and consumes much electricity. Therefore, the choice of a juicer totally depends on your requirements and family demands. If you want to ensure high quality and optimum nutrition value, ignore the electric bills and pick a good branded powerful juicer.

Easy to clean

The juicers with many parts can multitask, but they are not easy to clean. The more parts they contain, the more complicated things become! On the other hand, simple juicers have few parts (5-7), and you can quickly clean such a juice extracting machine. However, choosing a juicer completely depends on your use. If you want to make pasta with a twin gear cold press juicer, choosing the complicated multi-tasking juicer will be a better option.

Wrapping it up

Be smart about it! Choose a juicer with excellent features which gives you plenty of benefits on long term, as well as ease of use. User-friendly products are always admired, and people feel comfortable to use them repeatedly. Focus on your demands and lifestyle before buying a juicer. If you are satisfied with the service of your juicer, read their guide for using it more efficiently. In addition to this, read other twin gear juicers reviews on our website to know even more.

You are now ready to buy a twin gear juicer!